Lonely Cowboy

Lonely Cowboy

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Christian Cock

I liked a lot a post that a member made recently on the yahoo group Christian Cock (christian_cock@yahoogroups.com).  He wrote: “To most, heaven is the place of eternal joy when you die. But for some of us, there are heavenly places to enjoy before you die. God created our bodies and our desires to enjoy them by ourselves and with friends. Find heavenly joy in stroking your cock, holding a friend in a naked embrace, sliding your cock into an inviting ass, sucking cock or having your cock sucked, etc. etc. God didn't intend for you to lead a boring life until you die and get to heaven. Enjoy some heaven NOW. Enjoy cock pleasures that He inspires you to do.”

Christian Cock is a group devoted to a radical re-appraisal of the relationship between Christianity and homosexuality.  So their objectives and mine coincide.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Position on Catholic Teaching

Position on Catholic teaching on homosexuality.  Written for a friend October 2008.

Then a word of explanation about how my views have developed on homosexuality and C atholic morality.

I have been reading books on the topic by John McNeill.  He was a Jesuit that was thrown out of his Order for his liberal views on gay questions.  I think I have gone just a bit more in the liberal direction than him, but my Order does not know!

I have thought really for years that we cannot philosophize or theologize on homosexuality in parallel with heterosexuality.  They are, when you come to examine them, two very different realities.  John McNeill’s limitation is precisely that.  He works on the principle that, as with marriage, there should be no sexual activity for the homosexual outside of a covenanted union.

Now, coming from a fetish type orientated homosexual’s outlook I see things differently.  The position I have come to is simply this, that homosexual activity, I call it “manplay” is simply good.  It is just good and right for guys to get together and celebrate, enjoy their masculinity and attraction to things masculine, which is a God-given good in the way they have been put together.

I think that even the religious can make this celebration part of his prayer-life and praise of God.

McNeill’s books are all about overcoming the hang-ups we have inherited from trying to match up to expectations put together for us by people that either know nothing about homosexuality or, worse, are deeply homophobic.  Indeed, he says that all of us gays have a great battle on in trying to free ourselves from the internalised homophobia we have absorbed from society and especially the Church

Monday, 16 March 2015


What’s the fear all about?

Men rejoicing in being men and sharing it with one another is what homosexuality, or enhanced masculinity, is all about.  There cannot possibly be anything wrong with that for anybody.  For consecrated religious  who have that gift it is chastity.  Sex for procreation is on a totally different plane.  But why is there so much fear about this?  Why are gays so fear-complexed about claiming their inheritance, why is society so terrified of integrating enhanced masculinity into its structures?
We were taught such a degree of fear of sex in general, and of homosexuality in particular, by our religious upbringing.  We were taught to avoid like the plague anything that caused the slightest desire to stir between our legs.  We got complexes about clothes we put on that made us hard, as though in that we were already into the sin.  But why the hell should it be sin to exult in your masculinity?  What harm does it do to me to get hard, or, worse, what harm does it do to anybody else if I indulge whatever gets me hard and enjoy being hard, or even rubbing my hard cock and pleasantly oozing natural fluids.  Why not, I ask?  And I have been asking for years and nobody has ever given me a coherent and convincing answer.  My God gave me a body and all the dynamics of masculinity to praise him with.  That dynamic dark urge in my loins, that feeling of raw masculine power I feel when I spread my legs and feel cock, is his.  His power is there in the juice I shoot, in my jeans or in another guy’s ass.  The mysterious powers that take me over through the various fetishes that feed my lust are his mystery at work.  Last but not least, that wonderful communion I feel with other guys moved by the same earthy, primeval, lusts, how can that be something to fear?  Yet the world all around me does fucking fear it.  And I keep on asking: why?

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Love our Homosexuality

I began the old original version of this blog by saying that we must love our homosexuality, our enhanced maleness.  In saying that, of course, I fly in the face of the teaching in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  This states quite clearly that the homosexual orientation is not morally reprehensible in any way, but also states unequivocally that it can never be acted upon in any way.  The only positive thing a homosexual person can do is accept his condition and the suffering it will probably cause him and unite himself with the cross of Christ.  This I do not find positive enough to be the gospel or the Good News.  The implication, anyway, is that the homosexual condition is a limitation, a distortion of nature, almost an illness.  I do not see how any homosexual could accept that assessment of the way he or she is made.  In addition I must observe that science has moved on and left the Church behind.  The medical world no longer accepts that homosexuality is an illness or a disorder.  A lot of what I am saying would apply equally to Lesbians, but, having no experience of being a Lesbian I really can only talk with conviction from the male point of view.

Monday, 9 March 2015


Enhanced masculinity and its living out is a thing that is good in itself.  It does not need limiting to monogamous loving relationships.  However, deep relationships which may express themselves in monogamous covenants of fidelity can certainly be built on the foundation of communion in enhanced masculinity.

Groping for Terminology

The author of this blog is a religious and a priest in full sacramental communion with the Roman Pontiff.  I am gay with a strong tendency towards fetish and kink.  This experience of how my own enhanced masculinity speaks to me, and has spoken to me since the onset of human consciousness, is basic to my thinking which pivots round the realization that you cannot philosophize or theologize on homosexuality in parallel with the moral norms for heterosexuality.  What happens between a man and a woman is rightly called sex.  What happens between two guys needs to be called something else, like enhanced masculinity or just plain “cock”.